The start of this beautiful dive takes place a hundred meters from the famous Capo Rosso arch. At this point, ten rocky peaks with a pointed shape rise between 2 and 3m from the surface. They are placed on a sandy bottom from which sprout a few bouquets of posidonia. The silhouette of this very particular architecture is reminiscent of the ruins of a cathedral.


Exploration consists of visit the peaks one by one, while progressing towards the bottom. In the crevices which dig the walls, it is not uncommon to observe beautiful Moray specimens. If the fixed life is average on the site, the piton located the most northeast displays very beautiful palms of Red Gorgons…


The area is frequented by ten fairly groupers familiar, who, out of curiosity, come to meet the palanquée. Mon of them, particularly large, lives in a cave which opens, gaping, in one of the lifts.


Some beautiful passages under rocks are available to divers. On the background sand, at 35 m, you may disturb a large stingray in full digestive nap. While you make your landing, following the peak that rises 2 m from the surface, do not forget to admire the grace while color of the Flabelline who has lunch in silence..

Little Capo Rosso video: