The place is located after the Ficajola navy, a small sheltered beach surrounded by small fishermen’s houses accessible from Piana. One of the spots starts along the northern flank of the Pointe de Ficajola in the middle of the Calanches de Piana. At the bottom, a funny mount, posed on 20 m waits for the diver. Bypassing it from the West, we are surprised to discover a real saucer (which does not fly).

Above, the rock has the shape of an Indian head and at the foot of the nose, a very beautiful mother-of-pearl is planted on its sandy terrace at 18 m. While continuing in the same direction, the narrow entrance to a tunnel of around twenty meters leads to another massif where coral is very present. You have to continue east to reach a scree area. This part is a little less attractive but at the end, it is an explosion of blood red coral, covered with white fluffy polyps like cotton. This site is also very pleasant for baptisms and training. 50 m further south, another site to discover: the tip of Ficajola.

Small video of Ficajola: