The Capo Cenino cliff who vertically dives into the golf’s sea-blue, is one of the European highest. The magnificent landscape continues under the water. The exploration, reserved for the divers used to the important sea bed, stars with a way down along a falling enriched of fixed life progressing by the sea bed
The entertainment really begins at 30 meters: the cracks and the small caves are the lair of big breams, brown meagres, and groupers … On the ceiling vaults, the coral is more and more present, it is often the habitat of Spiny lobsters who shake their feelers to identify visitors. At around 40 m, we reach a submarine plateau that slowly smashed. The discreet and attentive diver will see the fish shoals approaching in full water: breams, , dentexs, baracudas..
Every portion of rock, every small corner recess is surrounded by a colourful life: Blenny, blackface,spiral-tube worm, delicate nudibranchs appears to the meticulous observer. Farther, the way down gradually restarts as big fallen rocks. An entanglement of blocks constitute a labyrinth inhabited by Groupers, Moray eels … It even happens to meet a rare shellfish there: the greater slipper lobster !.. careful, because lower, the sea bed reaches 50 meters.

Imagemap alt Scandola Scopa