This point, also called Punta Rossa alias Punta Muchillina, is the southern limit of the Scandola reserve, this is the reason why the dive is so rich and so full of life The exploration starts from a reef showing the surface at about fifty meters from the coast. Two directions can be taken. Each of them suggests a different dive. By choosing to follow the way down towards the ground, we discover at around 23 m, the wreck of an old boat used to the transportation of coal, poured in 1892, the St Mathieu. It’s in a quite bad state, but the structure remains interesting and the nature, lying on the deck traces, are outlined by the light . In orbit around the structure, many fishes are occupying the territory: brown meagre shoal, white breams, sea breams, green breams and dentex are dancing in a subtle synchronized swimming.
The second possibility is to sink along falling wide side. The wall is clearly abrupter and we quickly reach 40 then 50 m.
The fixed life is plentiful, big Spirograph, Yellow and Red Gorgonians, multicolored Sponges and golden zoanthid are denser with the depth. In the coral settled in thick coat, red scorpion fish, Galathées, Spiny lobsters, translucent Shrimps found refuge. In contrast, the curious dentex’s large silhouette is outlined in the blue. Farther the sea bed reaches 65 m.

Imagemap alt Cenino Scopa