Just before Cenino but so different! The most interesting dive requires a good level (minimum L2 and supported ). In the axis of the point about 30 meters we reach the tip of a first pyramid. By pursuing farther, we find 2 others each spaced out twenty meters.
This dive is also as rich in fauna as in flora. Many Spiny lobsters leave their antennas pointed up, cypraeas nested in holes are protected by one or two Moray eels. the go back up is done by returning toward the coast and on entering the small creek east of the point of Scopa.
The dive in the creek is more entertaining with a young falling going until 25 m or in the hollow of the small faults we find Spiny lobsters again, some Moray eels but also magnificent Nacre hidden at the cavity edge. On the way back look nudibanchs well, that will show you all kinds of colors.

Imagemap alt Scandola Cenino