Just before Senino, but so different! The most interesting dive requires a good level (minimum N2 and accompanied). In the axis of the point about 30 meters you reach the point of a first pyramid. Continuing further, we find 2 others spaced about twenty meters apart.

This dive is as rich in fauna as it is in flora. Of many Lobsters let their antennae extend beyond faults. of the Porcelains nestled in holes are protected by moray eels. The rise is done by returning to the coast and entering the small cove east of the tip of Scopa.

Diving in the creek is more recreational with a small drop up to 25 m where in the hollow of small faults we find Lobsters, Moray eels but also a magnificent Mother-of-Pearl hidden at the edge of a cavity. Take a good look & nbsp;! … many Nudibranches will offer you a colorful show.

During navigation, a family of dolphins may cross our path and play in the wake of the boat.

Scopa short video: