The Capo Senino cliff, which plunges vertically into the ultramarine blue of the Gulf, is one of the highest in Europe. The grandiose landscape continues underwater. The exploration reserved for divers accustomed to large bottoms, begins with a descent along a drop which enriches itself with fixed life while progressing towards the bottom.

It is from 30 m that the show really begins: the faults and the small caves are the hideout of Gros Sars, Corbs, Mérous… On the ceiling of the vaults, the coral is more and more present, it is often the habitat of Lobsters which wave their antennas to identify visitors. At 40 m you reach a slowly sinking tray.

The discreet and attentive diver will notice the schools of fish approaching in the open water: Sars, Canthères, Dentis, Barracudas… Each portion of rock, each little corner is invested with a multicolored life: Blennies, Tryptérigions, Spirographs, delicate nudibranchs appear to the careful observer.

Further down, the descent gradually resumes in the form of large scree. The entanglement of blocks constitutes a labyrinth inhabited by Groupers, Moray eels … It even happens to meet a rare crustacean: the Great Cicada & nbsp;! ..

Senino’s short video: