This beautiful dive starts at around hundred meters of the famous Capo Rosso stony arch. In this place, about ten rocky peaks to the pointed shape raise the surface between 2 and 3 m, they are put on a sandy bottom, from where springs some Neptune grass bouquets.
The silhouette of this very particular architecture is similar to the ruins of a cathedral. The exploration consists in visiting the peaks one by one, by progressing towards the sea bed. In the natural crevices digging walls, it isn’t rare to observe beautiful specimens of Moray. If the fixed life is average on the site, the hook situated in the northeast raises very beautiful purple Gorgonians palms … This zone is frequented by six or seven rather familiar Groupers, which, out of curiosity, come to the meet the divers.
One of them, particularly big, lives in an opening cave, gaping, in one of the rises. Some beautiful passages under rocks offer to divers. On the sandy sea bed at 35 m you maybe will disturb a big sting Ray in full digestive nap. While you will make your landing, by following the peak come up to 2 m of the surface, don’t forget to admire the grace quite in color of the flabelina silently lunches.

Imagemap alt Vardiola