Located just at the northern exit of Porto, you can see it from the red rocks that emerge from the sea. Diving is ideal for all levels of diving: from baptism to scuba divers.

In the 6-meter zone, beginners will be able to observe huge schools of Saupes, Sars and Castagnoles which will get closer to the divers. Nudibranchs and Flabellines can be seen on the rocks. First contact with the underwater environment.

For other divers supervised or autonomous, they can evolve through rocky scree and discover families of Corbs not shy at all and under the rocks of Mostelles, Labres, Moray eels, male Apogons with eggs in their mouth and of course without forgetting the iconic Brown Grouper.

While continuing to descend in the middle of the scree on a bottom of 12 meters a rock in the shape of dog head surmounted by a superb Spirograph, will show you the direction to take to head to the famous cave with the magnificent “coral” red & nbsp; ” aka “& nbsp; the coral cave & nbsp;” located at 27 m which makes the reputation of this dive. To observe the Red Coral, the ideal is to have a lamp, and especially not to enter the cave so as not to let go of air bubbles on the coral polyps, which could kill them.

You can also meet Lobsters, Yellow encrusting anemones who, at the slightest movement of water, close their polyps to look like Mimosa balls, different varieties of multicolored sponges, all of that surrounded by fish like the Castagnoles, Serrans and Girelles. For continue the pleasure of diving, you can if your consumption you allows, go and discover at -32 m a bouquet of Gorgonians placed on the potato.

Little video of Monte Rosso: