This tip marks the southern limit of the Scandola reserve. Perhaps this is why the diving is so rich and so alive. The exploration starts from of a reef that outcrops the surface about fifty meters from the coast.

Two directions can be taken. Each of them offers a different dive. By choosing to follow the drop off towards the earth, we discover around 18 m, the wreck of an old coalminer sunk in 1892, Saint Mathieu. It is in fairly poor condition, but the structure remains interesting and nature, lying on the remains of the bridge, takes shape in silhouette against the light. Many fish orbiting the carcass occupy the territory: benches of Corbs, Sars, Canthères, Bream and Dentis indulge in a subtle aquatic broom.

The second possibility is to let itself flow along the drop side wide. The wall is much steeper and we quickly reach 40 then 50 m. Fixed life is abundant: multicolored sponges and golden Parazoanthus are more and more dense with depth.

In the coralligenous installed in a thick layer, Capons, Galathées, Lobsters, Translucent shrimps have found refuge. AT the opposite, the massive silhouette of the curious Dentis stands draw in blue. Further, the bottom reaches 65 m.

Small video of Punta Muchillina: